Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ezy-Press Glossy Accent Tags

Well I have been playing with the new Ezy-Press tags, glossy accents and a few colorbox reinkers.
The following pictures are the result.
 Both of these tags are stamped with the 4331KD Flower Vase unmounted stamp using black stayzon on to plastic.
Then on a scrap of plastic I put a puddle about the size of a 5c of glossy accents. Then a single drop of dark blue colorbox refill ink. I very gently mixed it with a fine pain brush. You don't want Bubbles. On the reverse side of the stamped plastic I painted the colour onto the vase. The top section of the vase is the same colour but just a lighter smear. I repeated this with other colours Raspberry, lilac, orange and lime green for the rest of the flowers. Be careful not to mix the colours on the picture and if you are not the neatest of 'colour-in-ers' then maybe wait till the single colours are dry before painting on the next 'touching' colour. Just rinse you brush out with water. Don't allow it to dry on the brush, or you will ruin the brush.

Then you need to let the picture dry. It probably takes between 15 min to 30 min depending on how cold the room is. Once it is dry you  need to do the background.

The first one I coated the back of the tag with glossy accents with a brush then sprinkled it with rainbow super fine glitter. Tapped off the excess and let it dry.

The second tag I put 10 or so 'dobs' of glossy over the plastic and pressed on a piece of kitchen alfoil, which I had carefully scrunched and then flattened back out. Put it on shiny side showing through. Also be careful when you are opening it back out as it can tear easily.

I think the alfoil one is my favorite as it has more of a wow factor.

Anyway when these are dry, about 15 minutes, run them through the ezy-press and cut out the tags.

You can experiment with different things on the back, I tried embossing powder but didn't like the look and I have one drying with crackle paint.....jury is still out on that one. It is also taking a very long time to dry. I am using the bronze...maybe that has something to do with it.

I will probably make some cards with these, I would suggest trying this with different inks like a vivid or chalk just to see the effect. The drying time with these is a little bit of a factor. But if you are paitent they are definately worth the effort.

Also you might like to rub an alcohol ink or maybe a dye ink over the alfoil for an interesting effect.......hmmmm the ideas are endless. I would love to see and hear ideas you come up with. Hope you enjoyed reading how to do this and go off and try it out!
Happy Crafting. :)

 The paint finally dried. It didn't crack very well. But it still looks good. Very shiny.


  1. Hi Samantha - I have chosen this lovely project to feature on the Kaszazz Blog Find site this week.

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    Morty – KBF